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J. Jeremias


Thank you so much Cocoa Parties, for your delicious chocolate cake, I loved it, and will keep your new services in mind.

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Lygia Di Moura


Cocoa Parties’ bonbons are simply amazing! They combine the best of Belgian chocolate which melts on your mouth with delicious and exotic fillings that are so tasty that you can’t stop eating them! They are definitely not conventional chocolate, you should try it!!

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Fernanda Souza

White Chocolate Bonbons

I have had one of the most sweetest experience with Cocoa Parties. I have tried one of the most delicious, finest, delicate and well done chocolates. You can experience a good sensation to see a beautiful chocolates outside and have a good flavor inside, it is amazing. I highly recommend any bonbon from Cocoa Party, you can experience a…

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Monique Lara


If you love chocolate, Cocoa Parties is the right place for you! Delicious assortment of handmade chocolates using family recipes.  It’s super easy to buy you just make your selection though the Facebook page or give  a call and they will help you . The owner was super friendly and with a quick service. The best chocolate I’ve ever…

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